Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Questions to Measure Your Board’s Engagement Level

Of the four phases of board member recruitment (cultivation, recruitment, orientation and engagement), the most critical is engagement.  You’re just going through the motions if you stop at phase three.

So how effective is your board at engaging both new and current board members in their governance roles of fostering kingdom advancement—to the glory of God?  Here are seven questions for measuring your board’s level of engagement. 

Give your board a rating from Strongly Agree (5) to Strongly Disagree (1):

1) We have a board culture of “dating” after the wedding! We have very clear expectations of both new and current board members so they engage deeply in their governance roles.
2) We are a “learning board.” We encourage members to be life-long learners and to be continually sharpening their governance competencies with a variety of governance resources and training.
3) We know and leverage “The 3 Powerful S’s” (Spiritual Gifts, Strengths and Styles) of our board members. We are also students of our CEO’s unique strengths and giftedness—and his/her preferred working style.
4) We align our governance work with our ministry’s mission, vision, core values and strategic planning process—seeing these foundational pillars as the key to engagement. We are accountable for results!
5) We seek to enhance our working relationships—building trust and giving grace. We care about each other.  Outside of board meetings, we pray for each other and bear each other’s burdens. (Gal. 6:2)
6) We challenge each other to be “steward leaders” not “owner leaders.” We hold our roles and board terms loosely—bringing honor to God, not ourselves. When it’s time to exit the board, we exit!
7) We can point, with delight, to numerous examples of how God-honoring board members—fully engaged—have leveraged their giftedness to help us make strategic, fork-in-the-road, spiritually discerning decisions to the glory of God!

Question: What is your most critical next step in the next 90 days to inspire board members to be more fully engaged in their governance roles?

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